Annual Homeowners Meeting Results

The election for the One Renaissance Place Board of Directors was held on March 11, 2021.

The Board of Directors also elected their officers for 2021-22.

The One Renaissance Place Board of Directors are:

Sandy Brenner          Term Ends 2022      President

Bill Coduto                 Term Ends 2022      Vice President

Brendan Gillespie   Term Ends 2023      Secretary

Nick Johnston          Term Ends 2023      Treasurer

Bobby Lubana          Term Ends 2022      Board of Director Member

One thought on “Annual Homeowners Meeting Results

  1. Congratulations to all new board members. We look forward to seeing you do a terrific job that most of you have already done. I just want to acknowledge that being a board member can be a thankless job, however you keep our building safe and sound and that deserves many thanks. We really appreciate your professionalism it takes to do the jobs you chose. Thank you again.

    Best regards,

    Andrea & Howard London
    Unit 105

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