COVID-19 Concerns and Board Meetings

Good Evening Residents, While we plan to have our next board meeting on September 2nd, 2020 at 6:00 PM in person. We want to reach out and advise residents to begin to familiarize themselves with Zoom. With the current trend of new COVID-19 cases continuing to increase it is plausible the state of Illinois mayContinue reading “COVID-19 Concerns and Board Meetings”

Water Issues – 8/17/20

As a result of the power outage/surge that took place on 8/14/2020 we are experiencing residual problems. These residual problems have caused a pressure loss in the water system. At this time the building water has been shut off to fix the issues with our water pumps and pressure relief valves. An update will beContinue reading “Water Issues – 8/17/20”

New Board Members

The annual election has concluded. We now have three new board members at One Renaissance Place. The new board is as follows: Lee Vanderhulst – President Sandy Brenner – Vice President Nicholas Johnston – Tresurer Samir Patel – Secretary Jerry Boyajian – Director Thank you for everyones patience last night during the meeting. We appreciateContinue reading “New Board Members”